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Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard Circuit Board LED Display
Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard Circuit Board LED Display
Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard Circuit Board LED Display
Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard Circuit Board LED Display
Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard Circuit Board LED Display

Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard Circuit Board LED Display

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Click HERE to be notified by email when Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard Circuit Board LED Display becomes available.

Limited amount of genuine Xiaomi Pro displays are now available. Including genuine plastic cover (1 piece for the screen). Plastic cover comes with adhesive pre-installed, just peel it off. 

Tested by myBESTscooter and can confirm it's working. You will have three speed modes (same as on Pro scooter). Thanks a lot for Xiaomi M365 Portugal group on Facebook for the information on how to get it working. Please note that we have tested this on latest firmware (v1.6.6) and all is working well.

Please note that below instructions still apply, but you will need to flash BLE first through M365_downG or Xiaomi Flasher app.


By purchasing from us you acknowledge that your scooter's firmware is 1.6.6 (for Xiaomi M365) or below and you have Android phone available. Latest updates to M365_downG might allow you to flash higher versions in a future. 

After the upgrade your firmware will be 1.5.5 of the Pro scooter.

Instructions (video tutorial available here)

Method 1 through Mi Home app

  1. Make sure to remember your vehicle password if you have set one before.
  2. Remove the old board and install the new one. It's very easy and same process of removing 3 screws and reconnecting 4 cables. After setting it up turn on the scooter. Your screen will show low battery and the speedometer will not work at this stage.
  3. Open Mi Home app, go to settings and set your region to China. 
  4. Add new scooter and search for Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro (not M365)
  5. Add your scooter, connect it and upgrade to Pro firmware. At this stage we failed and have got an error just on 2-3%, but some members have managed to set it up this way.


Method 2 through M365_downG (available on Android phone only)

  1. Download Pro firmware. Xiaomi Pro 1.5.5 firmware available HERE (thanks to Tommy L. from Xiaomi Mijia M365 - PT Fans Facebook group)
  2. Download the main file, extract it into separate BLE, BMS and DRV zip files. Transfer these three zip files to your phone.
  3. Open M365_downG app (make sure it's official app from Play Store). Turn on your scooter and click connect and check version. Make sure you are on 1.6.6 or below. Otherwise scooter might not be visible to third party apps!
  4. Click on Open Bin button, select BLE zip file, make sure you get a message that the bin file was loaded and click Flash. Please be patient as it will load from 0 to 100%. Afterwards it might turn off your scooter.
  5. Repeat the last two steps again if scooter shuts down. Turn on the power, click connect and check version. Open the BMS file, click flash and then proceed again (connect again if needed) and do DRV file. After all, click connect and check version. You should have 1.5.5 firmware as per our pictures.
  6. The dashboard should be fully working! :) You can now connect to Mi Home app as well (select Xiaomi Pro scooter). If you have the Pro scooter already from Method 1, delete it and create a new one.
  7. If the scooter asks you for password follow this:
  • Leave the Mi Home app on password prompt screen.
  • Turn on your scooter (or off), hold down accelerator and brake handle and press power button (all at the same time)
  • You will have one long and few short beeps. Let it beep for three cycles or more. The Mi Home app should be now unlocked. Go to scooter settings and create a new password. 


The plastic covers have sticky material applied to them already, you just need to peel off the paper from the inside.




Please note that we are not responsible if you damage the scooter during this process, please proceed at your own risk. We had no issues ourselves when testing it.

Any questions feel free to get in touch!



Update 06/01/2020:

You can now create any DRV you like, we recommend using GONKA presets:

If you do not like it you can always flash back to stock 1.5.5:

Make sure your scooter version is 1.6.6 maximum. We are not liable if you damage your scooter by installing any custom firmware's, so proceed at your own risk.


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